30 Notes Before 30 | April 3, 2016

i spent my first sunday in april doing exactly what i wanted to do. I attended a very unique church that was outside of my comfort zone. nevertheless, i left with more positive vibes. i treated skye to a much needed grooming service. she’s a complete doll now. i indulged in some spring retail therapy that consisted of makeup, toiletries, clothing, and a gift for a friend. i cooked myself dinner while my linens washed. but the best part of the day was meeting a middle eastern family that’s interested in my tutoring service for their five year old son with his reading skills in the english language. in a nut shell, today was a ball of everything i love. diversity. culture. global education. regardless of what happened to me on yesterday or the day before, i made this day my best day.

[These are my open notes that I’ve hidden from the world. Over the next month, I am making them public until my birthday on April 14th.]



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