DIY OF THE WEEK: Jewelry Holder

Ok, so I have the perfect project for you. It’s cheap, simple, and very very easy to make–a jewelry holder.


Me and my momma were shopping at a thrift store a few weeks ago and I stumbled upon an ivory ash tray for only 75 cents!!!! I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

When we left, I headed to my favorite store, MICHAEL’S to get some porcelain sharpies.

Once home, I went to work crafting my new accessory. I swear it should have only taken me about 10 minutes to do, but it took 20. I was trying to perfect my craft.

Anyway, do you want to give it a try?Keep reading.

-Plate or ash tray (new, borrowed, or old)
-Porcelain Sharpie Pens (any color you want)

1. Brainstorm: What will be your message or design?
2. Sketch: Get a sheet of paper and sketch it out. This is will reduce minor mistakes on your final draft.
3. Craft: Transfer your design onto your plate or ash tray with your porcelain sharpie.

You have designed your jewelry holder all for under 10 bucks. 🙂

Don’t think small, think big. You can add a little personality to your dinner plates and coffee/tea mugs too. Be creative.

Design patterns: polka dots, hearts, chevron, strips, flowers, etc.

Best gift for: coworkers, BFFs, family members, anyone.



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