Wine O’clock

“Sisters.   You can’t choose them…but it feels like I did.”

-Kylie Jenner


 I agree.

I swear I have the prettiest, smartest, the most hardworking, and damn sure know how to have a good ass time type of sisters.  There’s always laughter, deep conversations, food, and always, ALWAYS …WINE-O’clock!!

On Saturday, we took an early afternoon girl’s trip to a winery to celebrate Chereeka’s birthday.

Originally, we had plans to hit at least three vineyards to taste test wine, pop a few bottles, have lunch, and have the Mr. do the honors of being our chauffeur because we had planned on being  tipsy allll dayyyy longggg.

BUT, it didn’t roll out that of way.

Chereeka was having a wardrobe malfunction.  I was too busy doing an arts & crafts tutorial and stuff.  And Tamika…I don’t know what that girl was doing.  Maybe she was trying to touch up her make-up?  I don’t know. But what I do know, we ended up leaving 3 hours late.  Therefore we only had time for one– New Kent Winery in New Kent, VA .


You see, everything happens for a reason because New Kent Winery showed the sistas some love—great wine, friendly staff, and a cozy ambiance.

This is how it all went down…

First, we had a few test tasters of different flavors of wines.


Tasting Menu

Type of Wine

Perfectly Paired with…


2012 Chardonnay Salad fruit forward, lively, and expressive
2011 Chardonnay I Forgot.  :-/ floral notes, hints of stone fruits, lightly oaked
2012 Reserve Chardonnay Lobster well-rounded, American oak, creamy finish
Meritage Ummm…Hmm..I stopped listening. versatile, Bordeaux-style blended red
Merlot  In my opinion, anything. a European-style medium-bodied Merlot
2013 Vidal Blanc Anything (in my opinion) clean, fruity, and subtle white wine
White Merlot Spicy Food a white wine made from the red Merlot grape


IMG_9194 (1)

Then, we couldn’t decide which one we wanted to purchase.  We were torn between 2013 Vidal Blanc and White Merlot.  Tamika and I thought the Vidal Blanc tasted the best, while Chereeka just loved the rose gold color of the White Merlot and the honey suckle flavor of it.


Caption this. LOL
Caption this too. LOL

Finally, we all decided that Vidal Blanc, later renamed by Tamika as the “porch sipping wine”, should be our bottle of choice.


We headed outdoors on their wide country porch that overlooked the woods and the bare veins.


Once the alcohol took its course, Chereeka lips began to flap away, talking a mile a minute.  And I instantly became a photographer to capture it.



I even had time to catch a selfie while her lips flapped.  I bet she didn’t realize it either.

At 3, we headed to New Kent’s winery tour and discovered some pretty cool quick facts.

  1. The materials used to build the property were mostly reclaimed and recycled pieces from old industry buildings to even bricks that were used in the Civil War.
  2. The cellar ranges in a temperature of 50-55degrees.
  3. The wooden barrels that are filled with red wine eventually fades to red.

And then a question sparked and I blurted, “How long do you allow your wine to sit in these barrels before bottling?

Who knew that it would take a year to 18 months for wine to go through fermentation? Geesh.

And lastly,

  1. They donate the skin of their grapes to hungry pigs and goats in the area.  What a nice gesture.


All of this wine!!!! Oh how I wish it was all mine.

After the tour, we were good and tipsy and spent the rest of our time taking usies and tripping over barrels.

clumsy gal
Chereeka yells, “Alright, time to go!” lol

What can I say?  Me and my sister sure do know how to have some fun.





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