We Love You Like XO! Kay Bday!

“I’ll be the active manager for her party.” I replied to Chereeka over the phone.

I was taking over the planning and execution duties and roles for Kay’s 18th Birthday XO Girls’ Brunch and there were only 3 rules: Tutus, Heels, & and in Kay’s words,  you had to Slay.


I was so excited about my new leading role that I began delegating duties and organizing all types of stuff for the planning team (Chereeka, Kay, and Ya).  We all had our strengths and unique talents that it wasn’t no way Kay’s birthday wasn’t going to be E V E R Y T H I N G an 18 year girl wanted.

The best organizer I could have created was a photo stream for us to post ideas for interior decorations, food, entertainment, and fashion. Every day, someone was posting a new idea and every hour, we were commenting. Things were becoming even more exciting once we all created a solid vision.


“Kay! Send me your friends’ name that volunteered to help with your party. I am creating a spread sheet that highlights everyone’s responsibilities and due dates for your party.”




She laughed at that fact that I was taking my role SO SERIOUS, but, I was confident that it gave her great comfort in knowing that her party would be one to remember.

“Auntie. Lynzie really wants to decorate my wheelchair and Kathy and Derika can help with anything else. When are you going to text them?” she replied.

“Don’t worry.  Soon enough.”


It had been a few days of constant research and purchasing materials for the party, that time flew by.  It was now the week of the party.

One day during that week, Ya uploaded the cutest party decorations that was sure to be a hit—party tassles. They were vibrant, fun, and cute.  It was no way we weren’t going to have them at the party.

“Girls! Those tassels cost every bit of 25-30 dollars.”

“Oh hell no. We can make that.”

“Damn, right.  We are. DIY.”

And that’s exactly what we did–made our very own party tassels.

We had 3 days until the party, and I knew my slackers hadn’t done anything.

“Hey Kay!”  I texted. “I bet cha if I texted the Mr. and Quan to ask for an update on their project, they will lie and say it’s going well.”  I giggled.  “I know those lazy boys didn’t do a damn thing. Watch this.”



Since we knew Quan was clearly ignoring me and the Mr. was avoiding the truth, lol, we needed a Plan B.

So Kay and I sat on the phone 2 nights before the party and created her own XO Kay Bday playlist that consisted of a balanced mixture of Pop, Hip-Hop and R&B hits.  It  even included Beyonce’s latest single 7-11 and Kay’s favorite song Do My Thang by Miley Cyrus. A perfect girls’ brunch playlist.

The night before the party was complete organized chaos.  Everyone was at the house completing last-minute projects.   Bri and Derika were on tassle duties with Tya. Chereeka was bossing everyone around, while Tamika was sleep walking. Ya and her boo were clearing out the living room to set up tables and chairs. Skye roamed around stealing our craft supplies to play with and pissing on our tissue paper. And as for the Mr., well I’ll let the pic speak for itself.



After a long two weeks of stress and preparation, it was Kay’s XO Birthday Brunch. It was more than anything we had imagined. Tutus, Heels, and a lot of cute girls wanting to have fun.


Happy Birthday Kailahse!!! We love you like XO!


Here’s a short video of XO Kay Bday! (Song Playlist coming soon.)








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