I Love My HBCU: Morgan’s Homecoming 2K14

Every fall I do what most college alums do—Return back to their Alma Mater to celebrate the most anticipated day of the year,  H O M E C O M I N G!!!!!!!!


Boy oh Boy!  I just love homecoming season.  It’s the perfect timing to see old college friends that you may have met during your elder teenage years. You’ll reminisce about the late night dinner dates in Blount Towers, where greasy, finger licking chicken boxes from Sunny’s or take-out from Stokos were the only thing on the menu.  Or  you’ll wish to be twenty-one again so you could dance into the wee hours of the morning without yawning at HammerJacks, Mate, or Club Trust.  Or better yet,  you’ll laugh about the times how you would rush to campus before 3PM on a Wednesday to chill in the canteen in McKeldin or hangout on the bridge just to be seen by your boy or girl crush or chant the loudest Greek song.

This Morgan Bear, couldn’t wait to relive those moments from my early twenties with all of my Morgan State University family and friends.

It was Homecoming 2014.


I kicked off homecoming week by supporting Miss Morgan State University, 2014-2015, at her coronation.  Isn’t she lovely?
Dr. Corbet! She was my advisor during my reign as Miss Morgan State University, 2007-2008. She taught me proper etiquette and how to maintain my style and grace as a maturing  lady.  She’ll be forever loved.
Here I am, taking a selfie with the coolest/past office manager of the Student Government Association (SGA),  Ms. G. It’s never a quiet moment with her.
Homecoming Day.  I spotted one of my favorite PG gals. xoxo
Whitney!!!! Morgan’s oldie but goodie track star turned actress. A cutie!!!
We are Morgan State Royalty.
The guy behind all of my partying memories at Morgan. The party planner and promoter…Trix.
The Morgan Athletes (except me, of course). Football Player x Cheerleader
Caught up with my fellow classmates from the Department of Telecommunication/the department that houses the most creative talent….. on the infamous bridge.
My Keira!!!!! Fellow Public Relations Gal turned Hair stylist!!!
Oh Just To Be!!!!
Numba Love!!!!! xoxo
The baby Numba needed love too!!! xoxo
I ran into my my Uncle Love. My favorite AI Nupe.
I finally saw my linesister that randomly texts me throughout the year for fashion advice. She never says hello or how you doing, either. Disrespectful Lottie Dottie!
After two years, I had a chance to meet my line sister’s daughter, Saige. Boy, what a Philly Diva!!!  Don’t dare touch her cheek. She would have a tantrum until you give it back.   Then, she would place her stolen cheek back onto her face and carry on about her happy business. lol
Caption This!!!! Here are Alpha Gamma’s shit talkers.
Morgan’s own…Deltas, Nupe, and an Alpha-06FA Love them!
Crimson and Kream Love!

My school.  My Historical Black College and University.  My Alma Mater where I created some of my best memories, overcame a hurdle of obstacles, developed life long friendships, had a few of my  wildest nights, partied like it was nobody’s business, learned how to stretch a dollar, achieved some my highest goals, made dreams come true, and birthed into a Morgan Lady.

By attending homecoming, I was reassured on who I was, am, and will be.  I AM MORGAN MADE and I wouldn’t have it any other way.




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