Getting Back To Happy: Chapter 4

“Hi Ladies! Can you please write your first and last name on this sign in sheet? We will call your name as it appears on this page for your head shots.” An intern screamed over the chatter that filled the theater room.

Head shots?  Already?  I just walked in.   What if my hair is flat? What if my forehead is shiny? Do I need to touch up my makeup? My lips?  Oh lord!!! I wasn’t ready for my head shots.  I was thirsty, hot, sweaty, my forehead was probably shiny, and I was the least bit prepared, especially not for no glamour  shot.

I turned to Shelly and asked, “Do I look OK?” She gave me a quick scan and confirmed that I was good and proceeded with her on retouching.

After signing-in, I anxiously awaited for my name to be called.  Since, I had nothing else to do, I thought I would be a little productive and jot down some questions I could ask the speakers, just in case I was randomly called upon, of course.

I really couldn’t believe I was sitting in New York City desperately awaiting to receive some advice on my career path.  Here I was, a grown ass, 28-year-old, and masters degree holder, in the Big Apple at a forum looking for guidance and advice. What the heck?  

suppose to be on the panel  giving tips to the 18-23 year old participants on how to be successful.   Nope.  I wasn’t.  Surprisingly, I was just as lost, confused and probably just as unhappy with my life as they were. I should have had it altogether by now.  Right?  Wrong.  

I quickly dismissed the pity party and refocused my attention on the questions.   It was far more important anyway.  Everything that I was thinking, I made sure to write  it down in my journal, despite my pride and fear.   Besides, I hadn’t come all the way from VA to not keep it real.

On that note,
Question #1.  Did you ever have doubts about your career path?  If so, do you mind explaining?

Question #2.  What advice would you give someone that’s lost in their twenties?

Question #3.  Sacrifice.  What did you give up in order to get what you wanted for the sake of your career?

Question #4.  Branding/Image– Important.  But how important is it really in your professional life?

Question #5.  How do you create a network of possibilities if you’re living in an area with limited resources?

Question #6.  “Living without Limits.”  When did you become an active believer?

Question #7.  What if you had no experience in entertainment, how do you market yourself and build your resume?

“Carissa!”The intern yelled.

It was my turn for my pictures.  I finished writing my last sentence, and quickly packed my things away to head outdoors for my shoot in the middle of Times Square.

Spectators starred,  stopped, and more than likely tried to figure out which A-List celebrity I was.  If they only knew,  I was just an old country gal from the south that came to NYC in search of happiness, too.  That made me no differently than them.

After overcoming the longest 5 minutes ever in thicket humidity and surviving the  hottest heat waves from the sun and the disc reflector, I needed some water.

As I headed down the street, a long black SUV pulled up to the building with midnight black tinted windows. The driver hopped out of the car to open the door to some of the most gorgeous and expensive ladies on the block. They were polished down in Louboutin  and Valentino heels, Chanel bags, and such. Glancing over at us “average people” they gave us a warm smile and rushed upstairs to the WEEN event.

As we walked in, we quickly found our seats and prepared for the unexpected. It  was really starting to feel more and more like a sorority interest meeting, if you ask me.  You had the women that you inspired to be like and then there were the hungry lions.   This time, I was the hungry lion.  Better yet, a wrecking ball lion.   It was an unwelcoming emotion that I wished would just go away. Why did I come here?  I wished I had stayed home.   But, it was too late, the show had just begun.



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