Dangerously In Love

Twizzlers, Cookies and Cream Hershey bar, Swedish Fish, Snickers, and everything sweet… I love all of you!

sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt

Seriously, the sweetness of these yummy treats could satisfy every meal of my day-breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I just L O V E sugar.

But would I seriously kill myself over one, plus two, plus three more bites? Is it that serious to have it during my most depressing moments? Am I really that addicted to say no? Does it have that much control over my life? “I’m giving up sweets for Lent, y’all! I’m dead ass this time, watch,”  to only fail EVERY. SINGLE. time.

You see,  we all have a weakness; and sugar just so happens to be mine.

I’m dangerously in love with sugar but I can’t let it be the death of me. I have to stop using it as a suppressant to numb my pain. I need control and discipline.  I will either learn how to eat less or not have it all. I’m working on becoming healthier.

Now, that I’ve got that off my chest, I can share the how I’m changing my lifestyle.

To be quite honest, I’m just becoming more cognizant of what I purchase when I’m grocery shopping. There was a time when my pantry was filled with all sweets and goodies. My candy jar on my coffee table was filled with every kind of seasonal treats—Starburst jelly beans, chocolate, and such. Now, they’re completely bare.   I stopped buying that junk. I believed if it was out of sight, then it was out of mind.  If it wasn’t in my house, then I couldn’t eat it, right?! Exactly.

So I’ve begun to choose healthier “sweet” snacks like mangoes, grapes, and pineapples at my neighborhood Trader Joe’s , but not this weekend.  I headed over to the Strawberry Festival in Montgomery County.  I needed to grab some of my favorite fruit, no other than strawberries, from the local farmers. A good thing I made that choice because those were the fattest and brightest red strawberries I’ve seen in a while, and might I add the sweetest too. There were strawberries galore.

Crazy Farm: The Izaguirre Family.
Historic Round Barn & Farm Market in Gettysburg.
Historic Round Barn & Farm Market in Gettysburg

Not only did I get lucky supplementing my bad habit of eating artificial sugar and advancing to natural sugar, I also stumbled upon more healthy treasures to add to my diet, possibly a smoothie.

Crazy Farm: The Izaguirre Family
The farmer from the Crazy Farm: The Izaguirre Family shared that this type of Kale is less tough and crunchy. Also, he explained that it tasted better if sautéed.
Historic Round Barn & Farm Market in Gettysburg.
Historic Round Barn & Farm Market in Gettysburg.


…and they really smelled like bananas.

I learned a great lesson that day: Everything that’s sweet ain’t always sugar-coated.

Unless it’s this strawberry lemonade…

heyyy..I said I will learn to EAT less sugar not DRINK. |wink, wink| Ok, I’m just playing.

This will be a work in progress. To be continued… 🙂






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