Meet Skye

I use to always say if I was to ever get a female dog, I was going to name her Daisy.  I wanted a name that was feminine and girly and Daisy was perfect.  But as you can see, that didn’t go as planned.

Meet Skye!IMG_2653

This is my baby girl. My bad to the bone, loud barking, spoiled brat, obsessed with mommy, homebody, plays way too much, attention seeking, photogenic, treat lover, and 5 pound having Pomeranian.IMG_0581

Ironically, she came into my life shortly after losing my first “pet” love, Zorri. It was a cold November day in 2012 when I got the phone call from my momma sharing that Lea had a girl pup. I knew it was a special blessing sent to me from Zorri attempting to mend my broken heart. I fell in love with her the first moment I saw her.  She was the most adorable puppy angel that fell from the sky. And just like that, Skye (with an e)  became her name.IMG_4949


Skye is the ultimate girly girl. She loves to play dress up in her petite clothing. But boy, she would catch an at-ti-tude if you take them off of her. Skye would growl something terrible to warn you to back off or stop.She would even nibble on your knuckles as if she is attacking you.   But who pays her any mind? Not a soul. Maybe somewhere in her tiny little brain, she believes she’s fierce and dangerous and her actions scares us.  Girl, BYE!



On the downside, Skye suffers from separation and travel anxiety.  She barks loudly when I leave for work or whenever we are traveling.  I’ve researched and read many articles to help her cope whenever she is in these situations.  I’ve discovered that crating her to help her feel secure and safe and by placing her in a doggie car seat with her favorite toys and snacks didn’t have a positive outcome for Skye. It only led to more barking and whining. At this point, I really don’t know what to do for her.  I don’t want to put her on any medication to sedate her. Hopefully, she grows out of this fear. I need Cesar’s help, the dog whisper.



On a brighter note, she’s a ball of energy and FINALLY a lot of fun to be around. Before, Skye had some difficulties making doggie friends. Let’s face it. They were all too old and grumpy for Skye’s immature ways. They would ignore, growl, and even snap at her to force her to go away.

During that time, Skye was pretty much a loser! She would appear sad and lonely. It was hard seeing my pup being hated on by those old heads. But I reminded Skye “who needs doggie friends when you have human friends to play with, rub your head until you dozed off, and treat you to the best peanut butter there is and your favorite chicken flavored snack ? 🙂


Now, Skye is 1 ½ years old and I’m anxiously waiting for her to reach her mature adult years. I don’t know how many more ankle bites I can take.  But that’s my girl and I love her to pieces.





  1. I love Skye and I have not even met her yet! I was reading Cesar Millan’s puppy book back when I was fixated on getting one. It was a good book. From what he said in the book your right about the older dogs they just have no patience for a young wild spirit like hers.


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