Just Wear Denim.

When everything else fails, wear denim. 


I swear Saturdays were created to look cute and do cute shit. Any other day, I’m usually looking terrible, especially Monday-Friday.  More than likely, I’ve rolled out of bed 4 out 5 days during the week and threw on the first thing in sight.

I do my best to evolve and groom myself a little better on Saturdays. This could very well be me with my hair pulled back in my all time favorite Adidas sweat pants, sneakers, and a t-shirt (I’ve kind of worn that combo out, though. Please don’t judge me if every time you see me I have those pants on. They’re clean. I promise.)

Or, I may have put together a stylish little outfit that mirrored my feeling for that day–preppie, cool, sexy or whatever.

Well, this Saturday I was having some difficulties connecting with my inner feelings to create a style for the day.  My sinuses were killing me.  My throat was sore. My body was weak and mildly fatigued. And somehow all of that was messing up my judgement with style.

Everything I had tried on, I took off, including my brand new Adidas track pants that I was so press to purchase and wear a few weeks ago.  Even those weren’t doing it for me. I just COULD NOT get it together to save my life.

Honestly, I started to believe that it was my hair holding me back and throwing off everything. And you know, you can’t really be cute if your head is looking like a sheep’s ass.The whole transitioning stage from relaxers to being natural is really rough. I’m not use to thin ends and puffy roots. For a slight second, I had considered going back to the creamy crack.

As I struggled to fix my life, I realized that time wasn’t on my side.  I had 10 minutes to get Skye to the groomers.  I threw on anything and rushed out of the house without any blush, mascara, or lipstick. My Saturday devotion to being cute wasn’t looking to good. I was beginning to look a lot like my weekdays.

“Take me home. I need to change. I can’t go to lunch looking like this.” I told my boyfriend.  As soon as I got in that house, I immediately put on some light makeup, blush, a nude lip, and added that wing to my eye.  Chilllleeeee! I WAS BACK!

I put on some stone wash denim shorts I made and paired it with my favorite denim shirt.  I grabbed a hat, my converse, and I was ready to try it again. I was feeling cute and preppie.

“Damn babe! You look good.”  That’s right.  My boyfriend was sweating me now.  I gave him little seductive wink to respond thank you and signaled let’s go.  We were finally heading off to lunch but first I needed a picture.

He became annoyed instantly because he knew that one picture led to many,  “nah, I don’t like that. Put your heart into it. Act like you want to take the picture, boy! UGH!!! You are the worse,” kind of talk. Thankfully, he almost always agrees to still do it.

So moral of the story is, “If you are having a rough time getting your life together for a cute ass day, such as a Saturday, rely on your favorite pair of denim, chucks, and a hat. You would be a super cutie. ”   That’s a perfect note to self. 🙂
A special note from my fortune cookie at lunch. A message for a later story. 🙂





  1. “Chillllleeee I was back” that made me laugh lol!! This is exactly how I feel on Saturdays! I love your blog!!! Keep writing Hun!!


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