This Is For The Pizza Lovers and Heartbreakers-Valentine’s Day Edition

Everyone knows I am a pizza lover. If I had to choose a meal to eat for the rest of my life, I’ll still choose pizza. I love pizza.

Now that rant is over, I would like to share a quick DIY/recipe for a heart shaped pizza.

A year ago, I came across a photo of a pizza pie in the shape of a heart on Valentine’s Day. I thought it was the cutest act for a pizza lover like myself. So I made sure to do it this year—I made a heart pizza.  Not only was it super easy to prepare,

Here is the recipe I used from How Sweets Eats. (<—click on name.)

This was my first time making a homestyle pizza and it was pretty good. I’ll definitely do it again…maybe a Pizza Party style.


For the Lovers.


For the Heartbreakers.


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