55 Best Practices To Live A Balanced Life

Life is hectic.  Work can sometimes be stressful.  My personal life can become overly dramatic, which is why I need balance.  Without balance, I can imagine I would have lost my mind.  Thanks to these healthy habits, I’ve managed to stay sane and calm, while discovering jagged pieces of my life that perfectly creates an imperfectly me.      

1. Take a detox Bath-Epsom salt, baking soda or apple cider vinegar, and lavender oil

2. Drink lavendar tea and burn a candle before bed–calms your mind and body.

3. Read a book a month or bimonthly.

4. During your commute to work, travel without sound.

5. Listen to the rain.

6. Journal.

7. Listen to Luther–Luther Vandross.

8. Create a gratitude list for 100 days. It builds a habit to give thanks.

9. Say I love you to your family.

10. Kiss passionately for at least 30 seconds

11. Take a walk with your pet.

12. Sleep without the TV on.

13. Cook a new recipe

14. Pick your battles

15. Say sorry even when it’s hard.

16. Don’t take things personally.

17. Mail a handwritten note to a friend.

18. Host a dinner party.

19. Spend time with your mom.

20. Get a massage

21. Burn some sage to eliminate negative energy in your space.

22. Drink water daily and frequently.

23. Adopt a pet.

24. Color outside the lines.

25. Exercise

26. Take your dad on a date.

27. Read a spiritual verse.

28. Meditate.

29. Play a game.

30. Laugh at yourself.

31. Call an old friend that you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

32. Donate to charity.

33. Paint a picture.

34. Smile more.

35. Gaze at the stars.

36. Emerge in other cultures.

37. Be a tourist for a day in your hometown.

38. Don’t apologize for being yourself.

39. Allow yourself to experience your emotions. For instance, be angry for a day, then let it go.

40. Treat yourself, occasionally.

41. Plan a wellness trip to simply relax.

42. Volunteer your service.

43. Be your authentic self.

44. Have a growth mindset.

45. Learn from your mistakes.

46. Get a hobby.

47. Be a good listener.

48. Eat more vegetables.

49. Scream in a pillow if you need to relive your stress

50. Give someone a hug. They may need it.

51. Care for a plant.

52. Take a break from social media.

53. Get at least 7 hours of sleep.

54. Pay it forward. For instance, compliment a stranger.

55. Hide your phone for a day or two–Be technology free.

If you have healthy habits that contributes to your balanced life, please share in the comment section.  We all need a bank of resources. 




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