Europe for Christmas (Photos and Video Inside)

We were anxious.

We were excited.

We couldn’t believe that we would be spending our holidays backpacking in Europe.

We were going to be traveling to four different countries in less than ten days.

Some people thought we were crazy to be going abroad during a time of terrorist attacks and the fear of the unknown; but we knew that without risks, there would be no rewards.

Here’s a few of my favorite photos from Italy, London, Germany, and Paris that captured the culture in Europe during our Christmas adventure.

  1. Lovers Bridge & Louvre | Paris, France 

Love is truly in the air for so many people from around the world.  The bridge was accessorize with love locks, including ours–Black Love.



2) Milan, Italy 
In December, the weather was very crispy and cold.  It was a perfect date night for pizza and pasta and  a tour of  Little Italy.



3) London, England 

Opposite of American traditions, beans are commonly paired with many breakfast dishes.


4) Frankfurt, Germany


Watch our video too & hope to see you around the world soon.



P.S.  More photos and videos will be added to my next post…Lessons Learned


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