Travel Journal for Kids | Freebie Summer Journal (Download PDF)

Hi guys!
As promised on my Instagram page, I wanted to give you an interactive travel journal that’s just for kids.  It reinforces previously taught skills, such as:  summarizing, labeling, recalling, and more.  Please download, print, and  read my special note or have your little one read it to you and get started with capturing all the fun that summer brings.     

Please e-mail your child’s/students’ travel journal to me at  I would love to see the wonderful work they’ve produced and possibly send you more freebies.


Thanks for your support and please share!




Here are a few suggestions and directions for assembling  the journal.

1.  Page 1 is the cover page

2.  (optional) Paste cover page onto card stock for durability (brightly colored card stock is preferred)

3.  Insert page 4

4. Insert page 5

5.  Insert page 3

6.  Insert page 2

7.  Staple  or hole punch & insert a twine to secure the journal


Travel Journal for Kids Created by Carissa Harrison



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