Where To Go In Chicago for a Delicious Burger?

Okay, everyone bragged about how great of a city Chicago was.

“It’s charming.”



“Rich history”

“Very distinct neighborhoods”

“The lake”

And last but not least,

“THE FOOD!!!!”

And with all that ranting and raving about the Windy City, I could only assume it was pure exaggeration.

But Uhh! Not quite!

Every hype lived up to be the truth, at least for one–Rockit Burger Bar,  in Wringlyville.

This sports restaurant is conveniently located a block away from the Cubs stadium and it houses some really tasty burgers.

Did you know it’s best known for their infamous  Mac and Cheese burger bun, as shown on Good Morning America?

Sadly, the Mac and Cheese Attack didn’t capture my heart because my mouth was watering for The Farmhouse: a black Angus patty, BBQ pulled pork, fried egg, and an Maplewood smoked bacon burger that came  with a side of sweet potatoes fries decorated in sprinkles of sugar.

I l•i•t•e•r•a•l•l•y inhaled that burger and flushed every bite with the complimentary unidentifiable sauce.

If you’re talking about good? It was SO good.

Like sooooooooo  good!

I mean finger licking good.

I know, what you’re thinking…

“She’s reaching.”

“She’s exaggerating, too.”

“Girl, it doesn’t even look all of that.”

Trust me.

Believe me.

Next time you’re in Chicago, check out the Rockit Burger Bar for a drink and a bite to eat.

Guaranteed satisfaction!




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