Weekend Fun at the Vineyard: Unforgettable Moments

Remember when I told you that all I needed was love, peace & wine? Well, that still hold itself true. I had the best weekend with my sisters. We laid out our blankets, set aside our picnic basket, and poured countless glasses of our favorite red and white wine right under the sun at the Caribbean Wine Festival
Take a look for yourself and catch some of my unforgettable moments with Chereeka and Danni.

1) “Eff this chair. It’s messing up my pics.”

( 5 minutes later)

“Nah, I’m lying. I need this.”

2) “Slide over yall. Danni come over to your left. Chereeka slide over to your right. Yeah right there.”-I instructed

Snap! Snap, Snap Snap.

“Carissa, where are we??” They asked with confusion.
“OH SHIT!” We laughed. (wrong camera setting.)


 3) “What can I get you girls?” she asked.
“We don’t know, let us taste them all, please.”

4) And once we were full of wine and ready to wind our hips to the Caribbean beats that filled the air, we discovered a wall of tapestries! A perfect backdrop for a photo shoot.

What can I say, it was some much-needed girl time on a super #SundayFunday.


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