Treat Yourself to Some Art Therapy

Stressed? Frustrated? Anxious? Nervous? or Confused?

You may need to treat yourself to some art therapy.

As an experienced self-proclaimed drama queen, art therapy has been a calming mechanism for dealing with my flying emotions.

I escape my trouble to explore a world of creativity and self-expression. I don’t  worry about judgement or criticism because there are no rules or standards in art. Art is free, unique, and simply one of a kind.

Look at all the beautiful paintings my artistic family and I produced at my art party.

artist: Ce | @thetwentiesgal


artist: Chereeka


artist: DJ


artist: Quan



artist: Kay | @xo_kissyfaace



artist: Ce | @thetwentiesgal



artist: Ya |@_ichantell

So here’s the big question: When are you going to treat yourself to some art therapy?




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