Trendy Summer & Spring Clothes at PetsMart: Sale! Sale! Sale!


Hey Guys,

You can never go into PetsMart to just get one thing, right?  If you can, good for you because I can’t.    I seem to  always get sidetracked by the cutest items, colorful floral collar, or doggie treats that catches my eye.

Besides the fact that Skye hates the groomers, I knew buying her new clothing would surely put a smile on her face (at least that’s the excuse I told myself) and make her happy.   Honestly, Skye loves getting dressed.  She gets all excited–jumping up and down and cheesing extra hard whenever I hold up one of her fashion pieces.

Check out this  tie-dye shirt I purchased in the store.  


You better go grab your furry friend some spring and summer time goodies while the sale and trendy clothes lasts.



Ce & Skye


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