This is my last year in my twenties. I have one more year to try to figure out my life.  But does one ever figure it out?!  Shouldn’t you just live the life you love or create the life you want to live?!?!

Either way, I have another year in my twenties to eff some ish up.
I have another year to make stupid mistakes and cry over spilled milk.
As a matter of fact, do I really have just one year to be selfish and blame everything on my “defining decade?!”

Oh well, I’ll embrace my self-proclaimed name–twenties gal. 
I am the twenties gal that’s still lost and hasn’t quite defined who and what I want to be when I grow up. (Yeah, I know…I’m already grown..but you know what I’m trying to say.)
So while I figure it out, I’m going to enjoy being every different piece of me and embrace being…
FOREVER YOUNG.  FOREVER FREE. FOREVER 21, 22, or mistakenly 23! 😜
Thanks again everyone for all the bday love!!!
Enjoy some of my favorite photos from my Bday Week!!
•Photoshoot with Skye and my fellow Aries twins! (Skye was so excited about our photo shoot.


•What’s a party without a cake?  A meeting! Was my birthday a meeting?! Uhh no!!!! Thanks Mister & BFF for my bday cakes for my parties. 😋


•A surprised party thrown by my college students with Jamaican food.

•Gals day out with my sisters and niece.



•A taste of heaven


•Pizza party with my family at the crib.


•Unconditional love from my favorite cuties. 

•Paint party with my nieces and nephews and their lovas (I will post a seperate feature with more pictures. Artists need their own feature.) 

•Partied like a hippy with old college friends and sorority sisters.




WHEW!!!!! That was my Bday week. I’m TIRED!!! BUT IT WAS FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

P. P. S.

PART 2 BDAY ACTIVITIES coming soon. 😜😜




  1. Don’t waste your time trying to “figure out” your life. Statistics confirm that an average person goes through 3 career paths during their working life so clearly, at your age, you only have to “figure out” short term stuff! 🙂

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