30 Activities Before 30

Here it is–30 fun, adventurous, creative, and  service learning  projects that’ll be challenging yet life changing before I turn the BIG 3-0.     

Honestly, I think anyone can do this, despite their age. For instance, if you’re turning 25, then, create 25 activities before 25. Are you turning 18? Then, 18 activities before 18.  Just create your list of “must have” activities before your birthday.

Is it confined to solely a year?  No way. You can start your list 25 days before your 25th birthday or 21 days before your 21st birthday. Just be creative. Have fun. And just make sure it’s a list of memorable activities that you’ve never done before.

Check out mine….

•run a full & half marathon🏁

•go to India🇮🇳

•publish a children’s book💯
•be a special guest at 7 events to do a read aloud with kids and sell my book 👧🏻👧🏼👧🏽👧🏾👧🏿👦🏻👦🏽👦🏿
•learn how to bake a German chocolate cake😋
•weave my first product 💟
•take a road trip with Skye to the Midwest 🐑
•participate or volunteer at a dog charity event 🐶🐩
•purchase graphics ⚽️⚾️🏈🏀
•submit reading lessons on TPT📰
•learn how to swim without fear🏊🏽
•take a yoga class🙏🏾
•go hiking at the Grand Canyon🌵
•attend Black Girls Rock awards💁🏽
•go to Coachella 🌼🌼🌻
•vendor at a trade show🎨
•travel to NOLA with my family🎷🎭
•jump out of an airplane😳
•travel to Africa 👑
•attend Tuskegee homecoming😜
•camp outdoors 🐛🙈🍂
•relocate to Cali or ATL☀️
•purchase a jeep💜
•collect sand from 7 new beaches ⚓️
•drive across the country 🚗
•apply to a PHD program🎓
•finish my sleeve tattoo ⚡️
•plan a holiday party for charity 🎄🎁
•learn how to bachata 💃🏽
•go fishing🎣

What’s on your list? Leave a comment to share.






  1. Hey I love your list I have similar things that I want to do but I maybe should try this before I graduate from grad school or even before I turn 30. By the way I am fellow Morgan alumni and I just came across your instagram page and it made me inspired. I am going to follow your blog and definitely your page

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    • Hey Emily,

      Aww thanks for following my blog. I’m glad you like the list. Happy early congrats on your graduation. I hope you’ll able to commit to your goals before your graduation or bday! It’ll be worth your while in the end 😊!! TTYS


  2. This is some list!!!! One whole year starts now! I am a month late I should get started!! Thanks for awlays been such an awesome being and my motivation! *breaks out lightbulb so i can store a few of mine until i can write it down*


    • I know!!! A very ambitious list!!! 😩😩😩. But I know I can do it and will do it!!! Please share yours because there no rule that I can’t substitute or alter my list later on. Hahah


  3. Hey Twenties Gal …………….. this is discriminatory. How do you expect a 65 yr old to come up with 65 activities before their 66th???? How about an 80 yr old? How about 100 activities before the 101st birthday. Twenties Gal ……………. you’re a dreamin’ Gal! 🙂

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    • Aww!!! Age ain’t nothing but a number!!! A person can dream as small as a penny or as high as the sun. There’s no standard expectation…just do something memorable. If that means, reading to children after school,visiting a museum or flying across the country. At the end of the day, it’s the participants choice…just like its their choice not to commit to this initiative 😊

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      • Cannot fault that logic, but it is going to have to be extremely creative if you consider all the things that (hopefully) have already been done by the time one gets to be “extremely mature”!

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