Don’t forget to say thank you.

This is not a narrative to share my life stories.  It’s not even a DIY or tutorial. It’s simply a question.

“Why are you thankful?”

Sometimes, I get so caught up with complaining about all the things I DO NOT have and forget to give thanks for all the things I DO have. 

Sometimes, I beat myself up so bad for not being the best because I have fallen short in one or two areas.

Sometimes, I forget to acknowledge God’s work and foolishly believe it was done by man.

You see, I can go on and on about my flaws and I’m sure you can too. But regardless of my wrong doing, he [God] keeps on blessing me, even when I don’t deserve them.


…for a second chance.

Will you do the same? Take a moment from your day to not ask your creator for anything, but to simply say thank you. 

It’s the little things that leaves the biggest imprints. 



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  1. Wonderful sentiments expressed. It is so easy to dwell on what we don’t have, rather than celebrate what we do have. A simple “Thank You” always works wonders, whether it is offered up in prayer, or simply offered to a friend, relative etc. 🙂

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