Each and every month, around this time to be exact, my unwanted frienemy pays me a little visit. She’s the meanest and ugliest I’ve ever met. I really hate who she is and what she does to me, emotionally and physically.

IMG_0298-0.JPG One minute she makes me depressed, the next I’m angry. If only I could get rid of her–but for now, I can’t. She’ll be around for the rest of my LIFE.

This month, it wasn’t any different. I was an emotional wreck. I was stuck in the house having a pity party with my evil friend.

“Tarissa snap out of it !!! Gotta be young wild & free ! So much excitement in the world to live for” Kay texted.

I wanted to so badly, but my friend was on her way over. I could feel her. My tits were sore and I was starting to get an attitude from out of this world.

You see, my friend is simply every girl’s worse enemy. She alters your plans and sometimes pops up unannounced. And when she does, she’ll drag you through the dirt. She’ll put a pimple here and a pimple there…pimples will pop up everywhere.

This month I decided that I needed to take Kay’s advice. I had to snap out of it. So I curled my hair and did my make-up …. and for the moment–I felt pretty. I actually felt pretty, despite my friend banging on my lower abdominal.

IMG_0301.JPG Oh her name, you asked. Her name is Eve.

So when she comes to pay you a visit, apply some Ruby Woo, give yourself a smokey eye, and take some flicks and say “F **xk you Eve” 😜 because I look good today!


IMG_0297.JPG xo


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