Terrible Two: The Horrific Doggie Teenage Years  

Today was Skye’s birthday and she was not very thrilled.


As a matter of fact, she was a complete spoiled brat.

All she wanted to do was lounge around and catch up on her beauty sleep.   It was Saturday for crying out loud. A dog should be living life. Having fun.

Except for Skye. She played NO games. NO toys.

That’s when I decided that maybe crispy bacon would fix her mood. What dog didn’t slob over the aroma of fresh fried bacon?

Skye surely gobbled down the bacon, but went back to her funky mood.

What’s wrong with her?  Was she going through mid-life crisis?  Or was this just the introduction to her horrific teenage years.

In fact, it was. It was those awful, rebellious, to grown for mommy and I can take care of myself teenage years. I wasn’t ready for the attitude she had in store for me.

When I pet her, she growled.

Doggie translation:  Don’t even bother.

When I tried to take off her clothes, her ears swayed back.

Doggie translation:  I wish you would.

When I tried to put her hair barrette in, she shook her head from side to side.

Doggie translation: I’m not a baby. Get it out and give it here NOW!


Skye wasn’t just given me a hard time, she was even given her family and friends that called and FaceTime her to wish her a happy birthday a hard time, as well.

The innocent and lovable Skye usually howled and wagged her tail excitedly to the sound of some familiar voices.  Skye simply ignored them and continued watching TV. She just wasn’t in the mood.

After a full day of her diva antics, I realized that I didn’t get any pictures of her. She so needed a birthday photo shoot.  I thought long and hard on how I was going to get Skye to cooperate. I really needed birthday pictures.

Ah ha!!! I had the perfect idea.

I reached into her Christmas stocking and took out her desirable squeaky toy that she wanted to get her paws on for weeks.

Skye jumped down from the couch and ran over to me.

Squeak! Squeak!

Her ears perked up and her tailed wagged back and forth.



Squeak Squeak!  

Her tongue fell out of her mouth with a smile stretching across her face. 


I got her.  I finally got her to smile. I finally got my innocent pup back.


And all it took was an early Christmas gift.


Happy Birthday big girl!

Styled in a jean shirt from the Thrift Store, a tutu from PetsMart, and a colorful necklace from Zara.



  1. Skye, you are a beautiful pup! Even more beautiful when you’re smiling. No one should be cranky on their birthday. I’m glad you ended up having a good time! – Noodle


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