Can you still love, I mean fully and wholeheartedly love, if you’re still wounded by turmoil and in mourning? I always thought so; but apparently it is impossible if you’re full of resentment. In order for one to love truthfully, fully, and wholeheartedly, one must heal to reveal what becomes a broken heart.

 On April 19th, I wrote that note in my journal after a reading of Bell Hooks, “All About Love.” It wasn’t the first question or revelation that made me reflect on my ability to love ‘Love’ in each of its forms.  Hooks reminded me that love is an action and can be defined as:


Love listens.

Love is patient.

Love evolves.

Love is justice.

Love is peace.

Love laughs.

Love flourishes.

Love is beautiful.

Love is apologetic.

Love is humble.

Love is selfless.

Love is endless.

Love is forever.

Love heals.

Love is compassionate.

Love is empathetic.

& Love breathes inside of me.

Any thoughts?  Leave a love note below about your experience with love, reactions to the reading or a question you may have about love.


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  1. Man there was so much in this book. It seemed as if I had notes and highlights on every page. Lol. I too questioned my ability to love and also how I recieve love. Hooks really grabbed my attention when she discussed relationships with her parents/family and how it affected the way she loved. It brought to my attention so many similarities in my life..direct correlations between the love in my household growing up, how I love, and how I receive love in my personal life …mindddd blownnn lol and annoyed cuz there’s so many ill habits you learn that you didn’t ask for..not at all angry with the way I was brought up..s/o to my Rents LOL!! Just something to definitely take a look at further.

    ***Males learn to lie as a way of obtaining power, and females not only do the same but they also lie to pretend powerless*** Highlighted this early on. It took me back to times where I lied to myself. Pretending to not know the truth in order to remain powerless…so I didn’t have to make decisions or react to certain situations.

    I learned that it’s easier for me to love than it is to recieve it. I could go on and on. Great read ❤️

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