The BreakUp | March 16, 2017

denial & isolation..

friendship. i always valued the relationship. the joy. the laughters. the partnership. the commitment. the loyalty. the memories. friendship wasn’t just a title, the reality was friends were my family.  it was a lifetime thing.  a death due us part kind of thing.  a one of a kind, kind of love. one that would fuss, then fight to make things right. but as the new decade welcomed me, some friends’ love became pain and the friendship was erased from our memory.  perhaps our twenties prepared us for the discovery of who we were destined to be.  maybe they thought, “she doesn’t deserve to know the new me.” perhaps the twenties mistaken some friends as family. i couldn’t believe i had lost friends, the people i considered family, at thirty.

[These are my open notes. Over the next month, I am making them public until my birthday on April 14th. Next up, anger.]


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  1. Reading this and thinking… I’m almost 30 myself!!! I’ve definitely lost friends that at one point I considered to be family smh. Still trying to deal with this issue. Certain situations occur and the ones that I used to be able to call and talk to/vent with, I can’t anymore. Its really been a tough thing to deal with for me. Its kinda reassuring to know that I’m not the only one whos had to go through it. Just thought I would share that. Bye


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