Colorful Chats: We Should All Be Feminists

I was conflicted with the book choice for March.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read a novel or a women’s empowerment book. As a matter of fact, I had actually began to lean towards a book that I had read last year that provided so much wisdom for women in leadership. I knew it would inspire and generate some deep colorful chats amongst the group. Just when I became sure of our selected reading, a friend of mine arrived at the YEAR OF YES event with her newly purchased books from Politics and Prose and shared with excitement for one in particular,  “I finally purchased We Should All Be Feminists.”

We Should All Be Feminists? I thought.



Curiously wondering the perspectives and experiences of another, I impulsively decided right then and there that it would be our next reading.

So here we are reading Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s 50 page essay during Women History Month.  I know there will be many shared experiences, new meanings, and reflection.  I am looking forward to a colorful exchange of chats.

Want to join us in reading? Click here to purchase.

Want to watch  Adichie deliver her speech at TedxEuston? View below.

Want to share your thoughts on this topic? Leave a comment OR wait until Colorful Chat Discussion Board is posted at the end of the month on the blog.

Want to attend the Colorful Chat activity for this topic? Send me an email to and I’ll share the details.

Happy Reading!



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