Colorful Chats: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

A message from the book host for Year of Yes (January 24th-February 23rd):


I’d been looking for a good book to read for some time. I needed to find something that would inspire me. I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching trying to find my happy place. I tend to get this way when a new year is approaching or when I’m going through something. Just as fate would have it, the book found me. I’d started taking Improv classes in November 2016 (kicking off my Year of Yes early). I mentioned to my instructor that I was in the need of a good book to read. She recommended that I read Year of Yes, by Shonda Rhimes. I shared my plans on reading the book with some friends I met here in Germany and they told me it was a terrific read. I took that as conformation that this was the book for me!

So like my Fairy Godmother Oprah, I like to share and read books with my good girlfriends. I figured it would be the perfect book to help us ring in the New Year… since 2016 wasn’t exactly of all that… for so many reasons.

I enjoy reading books with a purpose in mind… Whether that purpose is to help me get over heart ache or to help me better myself… So with that said, I love self-help books, lol! I enjoy reading books that will benefit me in some way, shape, or form.

Like I said I love to have my friends share in the experience or the journey… and I love the book club discussion portion because I’m able to pick the brains of women that I respect and value, as well and share and exchanges ideas of my own. So with that said, I love women empowerment!

Reason I chose to read the book (My Book Club Criteria):

  1. To inspire and stimulate personal growth;
  2. to serve as a form of therapy;
  3. to assist with self-actualization;
  4. to gain insight and enlightenment;
  5. to conquer my fears;
  6. to challenge myself; and
  7. to live the best life possible in 2017 and beyond (all positively selfish in nature).

*I do plan on reading other books throughout the year and holding book club meetings only if the books inspire me. However, they have to meet the criteria above… I’m always open to recommendations!

Year of Yes Challenge:

  1. Say YES to everything for one year. (i.e. Things that are beneficial to your well-being and/or improve your overall quality of life.
  2. Challenge yourself to do things you’ve never done, but always wanted to do. Conquer your fears and become a doer. Most importantly say yes to you (Required)!
  3. Read Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person, by Shonda Rhimes (encouraged).
  4. Watch Shonda Rhimes Dartmouth speech (recommended).

5.   Tell your story: Get the Year of Yes Journal, by Shonda Rhimes and journal every day      for one year (optional).Once the challenge ends read about the amazing journey you had this year!!!

Idea for Book Club:

  1. Take the Year of Yes Challenge (above)
  2. Have Shonda Rhimes themed book club event… BIG WINE GLASS AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF WINE!!!
  3. Watch Shonda’s Dartmouth speech at  Watch for the moment when she exhales out her fear, then exhale out your own fear and share your best graduate-ready wisdom with your book club.
  4. Discuss the book using some of the discussion questions for the book club.
  5. Eat. Drink. Be merry.
  6. Discuss our experiences of saying YES at future book club meeting and during get together throughout the year.


“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”  






  1. I am not quite finished the book, but I am thoroughly enjoying the laugh out loud moments and the confirmations. Shonda and the Whitney wig realization had me literally drop the book. I felt the same way about Beyonce’ and her blonde hair until I was informed about lace front wigs 12 years ago. LOL. There was also that moment Shonda said, “Thank you” to having a healthy vajayjay. I was in tears of laughter on the DC metro. Looking forward to finishing and to the challenges. 🙂

    Thanks Celia & Carissa!

    xoxo, Chyra

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  2. I’ve read The Year of Yes & attended Celia’s book club meeting in Germany. It was fabulously decorated, the food was wonderful, but most importantly, the exchange of thoughts, ideas, revelations, & struggles were encouraging. All sharing felt safe & productive. Great follow up post Celia.


    • Hi Mia,

      Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to complete the book and for us all to exchange our thoughts and experiences with “Yes” thus far on our discussion board that Ceila will lead next month. Can’t wait.


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