Tips & Photos For Your ‘New Year’ Party

It’s a new year–January 8, 2017 to be exact. I’m sure everyone has rung in the year with cheer and celebration. You’ve planned your goals, shared them with friends, and affirmed that this year is the best to come.

If you were wishing you did it at a more social event, it’s not to late to plan a NEW YEAR party using a few of my suggestions.

  • Set a date and invite over your closest loves for a day of good vibes.
  • Buy or create your party decorations. Don’t forget the confetti—that’s mandatory.
  • Have a few year in review discussion prompts for everyone to share, such as Greatest Lesson Learned~Hardest Thing In 2016~Best Piece of Advice You Got In 2016~What Little Act of Courage Inspired You This Year.
  • Plan to take pictures with props and with a really good playlist.
  • And most importantly, have plenty of fizz and bubbly.


img_6002 img_5996 img_6031 img_6063-1

Happy Planning & Cheers to the New Year!






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