30 Notes Before 30 | April 12, 2016

i’m almost at that point where the defining decade is coming to an end. my oh my, time surely flies. so to my twenties gal, seize every moment. embrace the beauty of each new day. enjoy the journey. worry less, because in the end, everything will become exactly what was meant to be. the sky is not the limit. you are the author of your own script. change that shit if you need to. you are the star in your story. define your decade that reflects a mission that you believe in and that inspires others. scream out loud if you have to because being in your twenties is one hell of a roller coaster ride. trust me, every minute is worth it. you are the twenties gal.own it.
[These are my open notes that I’ve hidden from the world. Over the next month, I am making them public until my birthday on April 14th.]


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