30 Notes Before 30 | April 7, 2016

my family is my medicine. we talk everyday, laugh uncontrollably, and love hard.
there’s a group chat with my brother and sister for just flapping and shit talking.
a good morning chat with my nieces, nephew, mom, brother and sister that is live every morning.
my daddy’s word from the lord group chat that includes all three of my sisters, brother, my nephew, and nieces, and his girl and her daughter. if we don’t receive the scripture between 5am-6am, we would all assume that something is wrong. that chat has been active for a couple of years, now.
then, there’s chereeka’s my daily bread group chat with her kids and our brother. whenever she rolls over from waking up each day, she shares the link for us too read. to be honest, i don’t read it on most days. lately, i’ve been using her messages as an alarm clock. i really don’t think anyone reads her messages, but she doesn’t care; they just keep rolling in. her response is. “you look good reading them.” and you know what, i do listen to her when she adds “a must read” to her message.
i’m not done.
then, there’s the girls group chat with my nieces (my fave girls, my more like sister friends) and their mom. now that i think about it, it should only be a me and kay chat, we are usually the only two flapping our lips for the most part about makeup, hair, fashion, and currently my bday.
there’s the family chat. this chat consists of mostly my first cousins and their adult kids, which equals about nineteen people (and that’s not even everyone). that chat is so much fun. ongoing jokes and laughs.

our dna consist of love which can be replicated by keeping god first, demonstrating loyalty, whole-hearted forgiveness, and ongoing communication. i know for sure that our bond won’t be firm if pure love wasn’t at the forefront of our relationship. my family is a reflection of me. i’ll never take family for granted.
[These are my open notes that I’ve hidden from the world. Over the next month, I am making them public until my birthday on April 14th.]


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