30 Notes Before 30 | March 21, 2016

today i chatted with jada about turning thirty. i wondered if she felt as anxious and nervous as i am about leaving her twenties. it worries me to acknowledge that my thirties will bring me some serious responsibilities, such as kids, food and beverage consumption, and other daily life choices. the thought of expanding my responsibilities from caring for skye to an actual child is frightening. okay, it is quite exciting but at the same time it is very very scary. jada ensured that turning thirty will be a moment to embrace and that we’ll be forever young, as long as we take care of ourselves. then she asked, “what is one thing you want to do differently in your thirties?” that was easy. “in my twenties, i think i was a chameleon to often. i always worried about how others perceived me and wanted to be accepted by everyone and wished to be friends with everyone. in my thirties, i want to be okay with who I am and being me.” she replied, “i like that! be happy with you! those who are supposed to be your friends will remain your friends. and those that aren’t… well keep it moving.” i smiled because I knew she was right. it took almost a decade to learn that lesson–and that’s okay. it’s my journey to happiness.

[These are my open notes that I’ve hidden from the world. Over the next month, I am making them public until my birthday on April 14th.]



  1. LOL hey I made one of your notes LOL! Loving the 30 Notes Before 30! Be Happy about the woman you are and the woman you are becoming. Our 30s will be beautiful!


  2. In your thirties, your lifetime supply of “fuck its” (scuse my French) start! And it will liberating and will re-define your womanhood!

    Cheering you on from the sidelines 😘

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