No Time for the Pumpkin Patch?  Just Go To The Store. (DIY PROJECT)

Last year, I took the cutest date to the pumpkin patch. This year, I was short of time.  Between work, traveling, relocation, and just simply being lazy, the  pumpkin patch became a thing from the past; Target sounded like a better option for pumpkin shopping.

No worries about:

1. A crowd

2. Kids’ mom hogging pumpkins for fall pictures

3. Feeling guilty for grabbing a pumpkin before someone else

The best part about pumpkin shopping at my local Target was having the energy to do a #DIY project–BOO-YAH: PUMPKIN PAINTING



✔️ paint brushes (different size and shapes)

✔️tempura paint

✔️water and paper towels for cleaning


✔️table cloth or newspaper (for painting on)

✔️paint shirt, jacket, or apron

Helpful tips:

•Have a design or message in mind for your pumpkin

•For Adults-Pour some sparkling water or wine.

•For Kids-Juice

•Stop. Rest. Come back to the painting if you must. It doesn’t have to be completed in one sitting.



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