The love of a mother is indescribable.

The laughs, tears, disagreements , memories, discipline, stories, secrets, sacrifices, and protection are worth more than a million flowers. I admire moms and the countless acts of love giving to others.

With that being said, I hope every mom spends this day doing whatever your heart desires and with the people you love.

And to my friends and family with low spirits because you can’t be with your mom physically, remember their love. Make a picture collage “MOMMY & ME” or call someone to just laugh about the good ole times with your queen. Don’t stay sad for too long because her spirit never left. Her presence is in your space. It’s within you. Legends never die.

And before I go, I would like to wish a very Happy  Mother’s Day to my beautiful queens–my momma and sisters!

They bring me love, peace, and countless blessings. I can only pray that I’m at least half of the mother as they are with their kids and me.

Love you & XO!!!

P.S.Of course, this message is for my PET MOMMIES TOO!!! 😘 


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