Is Your Furry Friend Safe During Their Walk? (Stories About Dog Attacks)

It was a perfect day to go for an afternoon walk with Skye.  Her leashed jingled loudly as I grabbed it from the door knob.  Skye ran over with a smile  stretching across her petite face.

She loved her daily walks because she could explore her world.  She would sniff every light pole and taste every flourished flower.


And what she loved more than anything else was leading her adventures as I trekked behind.

Skye would prance down the sidewalk wagging her tail to greet her neighbors as she passed by.

“Aww! She’s so cute.  What’s her name?”  Strangers would ask.

Skye would always take advantage of the attention and jump on their leg in need of a head rub.

And when she had enough, she’ll lead us off and wag goodbye.

Along the way, there will always be other furry friends–the beauty baby bulldog,  the cool calm Cocker Spaniel,  and then there was the moody mysterious Maltese.  .

“Arf! Arf! Arf!” A Maltese yapped loudly at Skye.

Skye paused in her track and tilted her head from left to right.

“Why is she so moody?  Yesterday, she was happy to see Skye?”  I thought.

Maybe she was telling Skye, she didn’t want to go back inside because her owner carried her into their building.  Skye simply wagged goodbye.


Nothing ever stole her joy, until we turned the corner that day.  

Skye, halted in the middle of the sidewalk.  Her tail dropped to the ground, followed by her head and then her smile.

 “What is it, girl?”

She curled up in a ball.


 “OH MY GOSH!” I screamed and attempted to pull Skye’s leash near me.

 “NOOOO!! STOP!”  I cried.

But my plea for mercy just wasn’t enough to stop this unleashed dog’s attack.

Thankfully, this was a fictional story about Skye and I.  But I wanted to bring light to this ongoing issue that has victimized innocent pets, their owners, and locals due to unleashed dogs and strays.

In fact, every week,  I’m constantly witnessing owners walking their unleashed dog throughout my neighborhood and along the sidewalks of urban city communities. They simply disregard the notices from my property managers and local animal control units to leash their pet.  Instead, some of them live by their own rules that eventually harms us and potentially their own furry friend.

For instance, I would like for you to read my friend’s Bri story, “Fight or Flight.”  She shares her recent dog attack that caused physical damage to her forearm and emotional stress to her five month old Yorkie, Queenie.  Click here

This is just one of many stories caused by this growing issue.  So in the meantime, please remind everyone with a furry friend to attend to their leashed pets and/or report abandoned animals  to their local animal control unit, asap. Our pets are family and we would like to keep them safe and happy.


Ce & Skye

P. S.

Have tips or suggestions for a safer dog walk?  Please leave a comment below.



  1. Thank you for sharing our story! I’m so lucky my physical wounds are closed up now and healing. I still don’t feel safe exploring new walk routes with Queenie because I am scared a dog might pop out of a yard or alley. So we stay on the same route everyday away. A route that has no front yards or alleys. I am sure with time I will feel safer safer with time.

    I learned some safety tips after the attack. The humane tools to stop a dog from attacking when you see them coming and have time is… a noise horn or pepper spray. Also a strong body stance and strong voice. I don’t think I could have done anything different in my attack since the dog did not bark to warn me. I saw the face then it was biting my arm in a matter of seconds.

    I also read that If 2 dogs get into a fight you can lift both dogs from the hind legs at the same time to have them release each other.

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  2. Very good message here. I covered a similar concern, based on actual experiences with Ray in a Post “Just you and me” – Jan 23, 2015. If you have not read it, you may find it interesting as it certainly supports your concerns.

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