Not Goodbye; But See You Later 2014

And just like that, it’s over. Another year of highs and lows, break-ups to make-ups, smiles of weight loss, frowns at weight gain, traveling the world, and starting new journeys.

You see, 2014 wasn’t my best year, but it damn sure wasn’t my worse. As a matter of fact, it was my most memorable. I’ve executed projects, accomplished short-term and long-term goals, and even stepped out of my comfort zone along the way. But my most valued memory of 2014 was starting this blog, THE TWENTIES GAL.

Why? Because as a youngster, I’ve always had an immature desire to write a narrative. (Hence the storytelling spin in my writings.) But I’ve never took into account that it’ll cost me–publishing, marketing, promotion, illustrators, and etc. At the time, I didn’t have the money for all that.  I just wanted to write. I needed an outlet to self express myself and an archive for my stories. And that’s how the blogger in me was born.

I never had it in my heart to write for a purpose or to serve a specific audience. Honestly, I was just writing for me–for my own healing and to feed my own soul. I never imagined others would care enough to read it and better yet relate.

So here I am now, in 2015, humbled, blessed and grateful for all the unexpected love, dedicated readers and followers from around the world. THANK YOU for following my open book journey.

Blogging has developed and flourished ideas I’ve been harboring for some time now. I plan to address those ideas and complete my unfinished projects from 2014 and I’ll be sharing them right here on my blog. Get ready because it’ll be nothing short of amazing.

So for me, it’s not goodbye; but see you later 2014.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. HAPPY LOVE & a HAPPIER ME in my final year of being a twenties gal.

Let’s all have a toast to that.




  1. I enjoyed your writing and DIY ideas. Your blog reminds people to look within themselves to find inspiration. That’s what I got from it anyways ;). The girls and I have talked about starting our own blog. I feel that we have so much to share with the world.

    I look forward to reading about your exotics vaca’s in 2015. Happy New Year!


    • Thank you!!!! I love feedback and a great arts and crafts project. I guess that’s the teacher in me that shines. Please keep me posted with your blog updates. I bet it’s going to be amazing too.


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