Have Fun & Live A Little | Six Flags, New Jersey

“Ok guys, make a wish”

“God! Please don’t let us die!” I pleaded.

Before I could say AMEN, the roller coaster had dipped down a hill leaving us screaming and hollering for dear life, especially the Mr.

He was screaming and yelling Ohhhh shit!! Ohhh shit!! and yelling and screaming ohhhh shit!! Ohhh shit! so loudly that I forgot about my life being at risk. I was too busy laughing uncontrollably at the macho man turned scaredy cat.

I mean really. How can anyone take him serious after that manic episode? He really needed to pull himself together because we had a full day of excitement at Six Flags , Great Adventure & Safari, in New Jersey.

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It was only 11:00AM and that was just roller coast #1, Nitro. We still had the Batman, Green Lantern, and Kingda Ka to go.



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After giving them all a try, they were just a cool breeze in the wind with a few bobble head action, an aching headache, and a feeling of annoyance, except for the Kingda Ka. Jesus was called upon several times before, during, and after that ride.

The Kingda Ka, has a 456 foot high track with a bolting speed reaching 128 mph. Who in the hell and why in the hell would someone want to get on that? It’s a complete death trap. But we had to do it, according to the Mr.’s 6th grader cousin.


“You and Val can ride together. I’ll ride alone, ” stated Val’s bae standing in line watching the cart creep back in.

“Oh naw, it’s cool. Ride with your girl. I don’t mind missing out on this ride. It’s no big deal. I ain’t press.” I tried to say in the least fearful way. I didn’t want anyone to know how afraid I really was.

“You getting on this ride. I’ll ride alone.”

“Shit!” I replied in my head with an external smile that reluctantly meant OK.

” Woooo hooo!!! YEAH!!! YEAH!” Riders after riders hollered as they returned from the thrill. Some of their faces were lit up with excitement while other faces were stuck in a state of shock.

“Girl! Look at their faces.  Why are they all coming back looking crazy and yelling the same thing? Are they being prepped somewhere along the ride to say this? What in the hell?”

“Girl it’s like a cult.”

Val and I were both nervous. But at this point, there was no turning back. The Mr. and his little cousin were entering their seats, so was Val’s bae, and now we had too.

I looked over at Val as we chatted about the regrets of getting on this ride, and how we were getting to old to…

Without warning, the cart blasted off uphill.

Slob flew out of my mouth as I screamed and hollered for sweet baby Jesus.

The cart finally slowed down once at the tip of the hill before jetting downhill. My shirt flew off of my shoulder, my face froze, and the wind ripped the sound from out of my mouth. Before I could blink, the ride halt to a complete stop.

“Oh my gosh!!! Now I see why everyone was clapping and yelling when they returned.”

The Kingda Ka deserved the “Woo hoos and Hell yeahs!” It was the best thrill ride in the park; and we were all so glad we got on together.

Darkness had fallen and the thrill of the day had ended.  Zombies had returned for Fright Fest.

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Screams echoed in the cool air as they scared innocent people. The terror of the walking dead had only just begun.

Too bad we couldn’t stay too long for the fun. Our day had ended and we had a 2 and a half hour road trip back home. We were all physically and mentally exhausted.

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Looking back, that’s what you call a family day–A unique mixture of fear and laughter wrapped into a hell of a good time.

We lived a little and had a lot  fun.




    • I wish you could have too! Lol! You should’ve heard him and seen the roller coaster photo of him “clutching his pearls” lmao!!!!


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