Skye’s Summer Vacation at Nannie’s House

Since the Mr. and I was going on vacation, Skye needed a babysitter. There was no one other than her nannie that was the perfect candidate for the job.  Skye lovessss her and enjoys the visits too.  So, I convinced my momma to watch her for a week while I was away.  Besides,  Skye could use some home training from Lea and Peppy, her birth parents, and her older sister Star that happens to be all of my momma’s dogs.


Well, it’s been quite twooo-weeks, not really one, since Skye’s extended vacation.  She has overstayed her welcome and it’s time for her to come home.  And based on my momma’s report, Skye hasn’t learned much from her family anyway.  Lea, Skye’s mom, is too lazy to teach anything.  All she does is sleep, eat and pretends she’s the Queen Bee around the house.  Star is a scaredy cat and a Dipsy Dora that has no clue who Skye is and avoids every opportunity to stay out of her way.   As for Peppy, well, all he does is bark all day. He’s so annoying.  I didn’t want Skye picking up his bad habits.


So, it’s time for her to come back.  My daddy is bringing her home tomorrow afternoon and  I can not wait.  I miss rubbing, playing, and boss’n her little butt around.   I am very thankful for my momma’s love and care for Skye while I was away, but I don’t know if I could take another,


“Look, when are you coming to get this dog?  You said it was only for a week.  It’s going on two-weeks, now.  You better come and get her or I’ll be selling her to the highest bidder.”

But from the looks of these pictures my momma sent, it looks like Skye is enjoying her summer vacation.  So who knows what the future holds.  Maybe I’ll drop  Skye off at nannie’s house every month for two weeks. I’m sure nannie would just loveeeeeee that.  🙂









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