Slow Down And Smell The Roses

Why do I sometimes feel the need to be busy? I get this urge most of the time that I have to do something, go somewhere, spend money, and be a social butterfly flying wildly all over the place. Had I chosen to sit still and relax that day, I would’ve avoided a disaster.

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Although I was tired that morning, I jumped out of bed to do my hair.  I had an hour to color and style it before I had to leave to do my mentor’s hair. I wish I could turn back the hands of time because I would’ve done things a lot differently, starting with NOT coloring my hair.

It all happened so fast. I really wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing. I was squirting the dye in one hand while screaming at Skye to get out of the bathroom and waving her away with the other hand.

Before I could prevent it, PERMANENT BLACK DYE flew across the doorway and splashed all over my white walls, tan carpet, and bathroom floor.

“Ohhhh My God!! Nooo!” I whined.

I rushed to finish my hair while dye dripped down my face and back so I could clean up the mess. But I was only making a BIGGER mess.

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I soon discovered that all the remedies for dye removal, such as nail polish, alcohol, bleach mixed with water, and Windex, DID NOT work for permanent dye.

“There goes my security deposit. You are definitely going to have to pay for this girl. Or paint over it! Go to Home Depot and get a sample color.  It might look good as  new.” I thought.

After all the drama with my house disaster, I realized that I had less than 30 minutes to get dress and make it to the city.  Clearly, that was a dream deferred. I did make it to the city and styled her hair but I was far from on time.

Upon leaving her house, I decided to go to one of my favorite areas, Georgetown. I was in search for two dresses and was going to meet a college girlfriend for brunch and bottomless mimosa.

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Traffic was horrible. There wasn’t street parking anywhere, not even on my lucky street where I always would park. I was so annoyed.

What made matters worse? I ended up having to park 5 long blocks away from M Street.


I was over it!

I got out of my car with a stiff face and began speed walking so I could hurry to get to my location in a decent time.

Ironically, my strides became shorter and my attention was focused on a sign that was planted in a bush across the street.

Tudor Place,” I whispered.

It was the historical garden my students and I fell in love with during a field trip a few weeks ago.

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Great memories about our trip flourished in my mind as I reminisced about the experience.

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My kids skipped and twirled around in and out of the maze exploring flowers, ancient trees, insects, fruits, and other plants. They enjoyed and embraced every piece of their journey.

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It was as if they forgot about the world outside of the tall gates that secluded us inside of  the garden and literally took their time to live in the moment.

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Ah ha! A light bulb clicked ON in my head.

“Slow down, girl!  Relax! Everything will fall into place. Take your time.  Enjoy.”

And you know what, it always do, right? Right.

So for the next few blocks, I admired the homes and imagined my family living in a beautiful historical home with a red door.  I smiled at the jogger that passed me by.  I was reminded that running releases so much stress and makes you appreciate every breath you inhale.   I truly enjoyed the peace that 31st Street was given me.  It was much needed after the disaster I created earlier that morning all because I forgot to concentrate on the task at hand.

Now as I write, maybe I should’ve taken pictures of all of those happy moments to remind me about what I could see and the power of my imagination if I just slowed down and focused.  It’s ok. I won’t forget. They’re stored in my photographic memory; along side a little note that reads,

“Slow down and smell the roses.”


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P.S. This book jumped out at me while thriftin. It was the perfect sibliminal gift to end my crazy day. THANK YOU fairy godmother! 😉






  1. Love Love Love the post. I think we all need to listen to that little voice in our head that says slow down. *sidenote* I love my picture lol


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