Granny Fun

Being a granny comes with a few perks and one of them is being a thrifter.

I love going shopping at cute little thrift stores or consignment shops.


Listen, I’m not talking about the dingy and dirty ones where I am afraid of contracting a disease if my fingers land on something.

Nor am I speaking of those with absolutely nothing…NO TREASURE.  You know they’re a waste of your time each visit but you may have a shopaholic thrifting buddy like my momma who persist on going down each isle and cutting every corner in hopes of finding something…anything…maybe kids ties to someday give to your great-great cousins or hoard stuffed animals for your dogs. Those are the stores that give me an instant attitude and rocks my world!

I would rather shop at thrift stores or consignment shops with personality, whether it’s antique furniture displayed in a creative way to catch the customers’ attention.

14th Street NW, DC

I even love the ones whose sole purpose is to raise money for their charity by selling  knick-knacks and whatnots for dirt-cheap.  Now, that’s my kind of shopping.

And over the years my momma, Val, or me have collected a good amount of oldie but goodies for ourselves. Some including jewelry, shoes, coats, jackets, purses, dog clothes and cages, furniture and of course clothes.

Yesterday wasn’t any different when it came to satisfying my interest in thrifting. My favorite line-sisters and me discovered some hidden gems at the District Flea on Florida Ave. in DC.


The weather was great.  It was warm with a slight cool breeze every now and then.  It was a perfect girls day to be cute, eat, gossip, drink, and shop.



& Pizza

All of the vendors at District Flea were friendly and had some cool and pretty fly stuff.  It was hard trying to stick to my budget when you had cuties surrounding you–sequins, cowgirl boots, jewelry, accessories, DIY projects, classroom furniture and games for my kiddies, antiques and everything else.









Ok! Honestly, I really didn’t arrive with a budget in mind, but when I asked Taryn if she was going to buy anything she sung the sweet song, “Noooo! This is not in my budget.” So I had to adopt the responsible adult mentality too and drop my shopping motto, You Only Live Once, and create a budget for the day. As a matter of fact, I did good sticking to my budget for once.  Surprisingly, I had money left over.

The District Flea was a happy place for second-hand shopping. I hopped from one vendor to the other scanning their racks and tables leaving the girls behind.  There were so many good finds but a few things were a bit pricy or overpriced for my liking.  But I’m sure if I tried to negotiate with the owners, they would’ve came down on their prices.  Ok, I think they would’ve…or maybe not.

Anyway, I fell head over heels for two vendors in particular, Gypsy De La Lune and Pichardo Eco Chic Boutique. Gypsy was selling their materials on a petite trailer and  Pichardo’was on a colorful short bus that was at the Funk Fest on U Street.  I thought both owners were so creative in branding their business and providing a different way of shopping for their customers.  Their presentation was everything and the owners were genuinely cool.  Needless to say, they were selling some cute stuff.







Since I was shopping on a “budget,”  I will definitely be going back soon.   Next time, I am going to take my dog, Skye, since it’s pet friendly. I am sure she would love it… as long as she getting attention and meeting new doggie friends.

Will I see you there on a Saturday too?


These were my favorites.

I love unicorns. This mid ring was adorable. Such a cutie!
$50 Bucks for this Victorian Style headboard. Cutie!
Cowgirl boots with daisy dukes? That’s cute. & I loved those hats.
Cute boys with polka dot bow ties this spring and summer.
Throwback Nikons and camera lens.
A Pom was thrifting too. Super cute!




  1. Looks like so much artsy fartsy fun! Yes Skye will love it in the future! I see that cute chocolate Pomeranian in the picture. I love it!!


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