gallery 28 Under the Full Moon

“Raise your hand if you have your passport.” replied the tour guide for the Full Moon Party. Val was sitting down listening to the guidelines while Nikki painted us with glow paint, a tradition for partiers. Me, Val and a few other hands slowly lifted high into the air to confirm that we had ours.

“Ok, you would need to give them to me before leaving on the boat,” he replied. “Hell no!” I thought. I wasn’t leaving my shit with him. I knew the party was wild as hell, filled with drunks, and understood the risk of carrying it along with wild partiers but I wasn’t getting that drunk where I was going to leave my passport with this guy. Besides, what was I suppose to do if he lost it?

I rolled my eyes, turned around and let Val finish listening to the logistics as I continued to get painted on. I knew the teacher would inform us with the dos and don’ts later.


Once Nikki was finished with our body paint, it was time to load the speedboat to attend the beach party. The rocky ride across the ocean lasted about 20mins before we arrived to the madness. There were people everywhere. All kinds–Australians, Indians, Cambodians, Americans, Europeans. They were all drunk or tipsy like us and ready to have a good ass time.


We decided to get a bucket of liquor to sustain our drunkenness and to keep the party going until 7AM. (Well that’s, a lie. We knew we wouldn’t last that long.) Then, we paraded our way down the strip to reach the actual party on the beach.

Shelly made a pit stop to have a crunk dance off with a Thai. Spectators stopped to see the ruckus. “Ohhhh shit, girl! Get it! Get it!! Owww!” Is what we yelled to hype Shelly up. She was killing it. Everyone thought so too. They clapped and screamed to show her some love.

After a short walk down the strip, we had finally reached the beach. People were dancing on tabletops and chanting roaring noise of “Woooo!”  and “Hell yeah!”  while waving their hands from side to side and pumping their fist up and down in the air.  It was crystal clear that the DJ was playing their favorite song because mostly everyone was signing and jumping to, “Tonight gonna be a good good night!”


I was hype that it was my 28th birthday but worried if I could party as wild as these people.  I’m usually a  two step or sit and look cute kind of girl at parties, not necessarily a  “head-buster” or “get crunk”  kind of partier.

“Excuse me. What is your name?” A French man asked. She smiled and complied with his charm and shared her name in the most provactive way.  I always wondered why she exaggerates her name that way with this innocent smile whenever cuties approached her. Either way, it worked like always.  The cutie became even more interested in getting to know her.

They chatted for a few minutes while everyone else swayed their hips to the sound of the tunes until we all noticed that he was leaning over for a kiss. Not just any kiss, but a FRENCH KISS!

“Ahh! Oh M Ge!”  we laughed and shouted aloud. Then, they stopped, smiled, and said their goodbyes.  (I know you’re wondering who could “she” be.  Could it be me?  hmmm, maybe. Rule #1:  Never Kiss and Tell. 🙂 )

And you can only imagine how wild the remaining of the party on the beach went after that–we gridded our bodies to the tunes of reggae, slid down fire slides, jump roped with flames, and took risks doing fire limbo. It was truly a fun and wild ass Thai night under the full moon. It was definitely a “good good night!” 🙂



Happy Birthday to me!IMG_2267



  1. Live life to the fullest cuz it’s in our blood I love 2 explore and travel as well. On your next outing please lmk!!!


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